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The Primary International Curriculum (IPC)

The teaching of the Arts Subjects (Art, Music, and Drama), Humanities (History, Geographyand Science are all linked to the IPC. This means that each term, a different Project is chosen and these areas approached via The IPC. Click here to watch a video about the IPC at Green Dragon.

To find out more about The IPC please on the links below. Thank you.

The IPC Homepage What is IPC? IPC Learning Process IPC Learning Goals  
  • A Focus on Learning  

    A Focus on Learning  Children in Year 1- Year 6 began this school year ambitiously learning about the brain.  Using the memory every day and finding fun ways to remember these facts help us to become Alex Aim High and achieve the things that we want to in life. 

    We are all Alex Aim High and constantly look for ways to improve our learning and our teaching skills. 

    When you ask your child what they’ve done at school do they say ‘Nothing!’?   Here is a way to get those conversations flowing – be ready to listen!  

    Our teachers have been thinking even more than usual about improving learning and teaching in all of our lessons.  We know that GD has exciting and engaging lessons because the children tell us (and so do visitors) and because the staff find them exciting too BUT … it is important for teachers to be reflective and to constantly ask themselves: ‘How can we improve?  

    It is also important for children to be reflective and to think about their learning.  How confident have they been when they’ve approached their work?   How resilient were they when things were tricky?  Have they cooperated with a friend today to improve their learning?  How inquiring have they been, have they asked questions?  Have they participated and joined in as much as they could?’

    Ask your child some of these questions after school every day.  Tell your child about some of your experiences too – how resilient have you been?  What have you found tricky today? As you share your day, your child will start to share theirs.

    Teachers keep on learning too – and they love it!

    Is your child using Mathletics and Bug Club to develop their learning.  Every child in school (Reception to Year 6) has a Bug Club log in and Year 1 – 6 all have a Mathletics one too. 

    Your child should be logging on to each of these sites at least 3 times every week to develop their maths skills and their reading comprehension.  Inspector Inquisitive is an enquiring learning who participates.  Please encourage your children to be like him.

    Mathletics and Bug Club are a very expensive resource for school, we pay for every child to have subscriptions.  Please make sure that your child uses it.  If you have a problem with logging in email admin@greendragon.hounslow.sch.uk and we will get someone to look at your child’s account. 

  • Brain Wave

    Wow oh wow everyone at GD now knows so much about their brain, how it works, how to keep it safe and how to train it to make it even better than it is at the moment.  Did you know that your brain is a muscle and that you can train it to make it grow?
    We use different parts of our brain to do different things – ask your child about this – they know!
    Children’s brains need fresh water, at least 10 hours sleep a night and nutritious food to keep them healthy and active.  All of our brains need regular exercise to keep them working well – crosswords, puzzles and board games are great brain exercise!


    Did you know that we have a new handwriting script in school?  From now on we are teaching the children to start every letter on the line and to finish with a ‘flick’.  This new script will help children to learn to join up their writing much more easily.  Ask your child about it and practice together.

    Resilient Robin will help you to learn this new script.  Writing is a skill that needs to be practised over and over again.  Don’t give up!  This video shows how to form each of the letters.  Remember they all start on the line.



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