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  • Maths Makes Sense at Green Dragon

    Maths Makes Sense, created by Richard Dunne, is a consistent, whole-school approach to teaching and learning maths.

    Maths Makes Sense, as a comprehensible learning scheme, ensures fluency through the daily practice of maths facts and the rigour of meticulous teaching across all aspects of mathematics.

  • Maths Makes Sense at Green Dragon

    At Green Dragon children develop a deep abstract understanding where the use of concrete objects, actions and vocabulary lead to understanding, strong reasoning and problem-solving skills.

    The combination of resources and sustained Professional Development mean that our children are already exceeding expectations and becoming fluent and confident mathematicians.

    We have a consistent whole-school approach, which helps us deliver high-quality mathematical education.

    Our expectations are high for all our children, which is underpinned by the ambition for all them to excel and appreciate the power of maths.

    Maths Makes Sense also supports the fluency, as well as a strong emphasis placed on developing quick and accurate mental recall.

  • How it works

    Maths Makes Sense is an extremely enjoyable and effective way of providing children with a solid foundation in maths. The methods and approach remains consistent across all years, preventing misunderstanding and ensuring children can confidently approach all new learning. Everything that is learned at the start is built on consistently and logically.

    Maths Makes Sense combines the use of concrete objects with exaggerated actions and a special vocabulary to teach the '10 Big Ideas' that primary school children need to understand maths. These 10 ideas reinforce the whole Maths Makes Sense learning system and are taught consistently throughout the school.

    Introduced by age 7

    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Equals
    • The symbols speak to you
    • The logic of the language tells you the answer
    • Denomination

    Introduced after age 7

    • Ratio
    • Infinity

    To visit the Maths Makes Sense website and for further information please click here.

  • Maths Homework

    Please make sure that your child only completes their Mathletics tasks which are set on a weekly basis.

    Mathletics will help children to enjoy maths and improve their results. It covers all UK National Curriculum from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 and is a web-based learning program that intergrates home and school learning via the internet.

    There are many benefits of Mathletics and at Green Dragon we feel that it will allow our children to enjoy maths in a fun and interactive way, as well as to challenge their speed of calculation and mathematical skills.

    Click here to be directed to our Mathletics webpage.

Maths Challenge of the Week

The answer to the question is 78

What could the answer be?  Think of as many questions as you can.  Include some basic real life stories – don’t forget to embellish them!

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