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Shakespeare at Green Dragon

Every year our Year 6 children perform one of Shakespeare's plays.

Shakespeare's innovative use of vocabulary helps show children how to use the language. Many people use Shakespeare in everyday speech without realising it, and the richness of the language that a study of Shakespeare brings would be lost to future generations if they did not come across it at school.

At Green Dragon we ensure our children have access to Shakespeare and what better way, but to put on their own production!


The Globe Theatre

Last year the Year 6 Children went to visit The Globe Theatre and attended a Shakespeare Workshop to have a go at experiencing theatrical skills.

The best way to learn to about the work of Shakespeare is by enjoying it.

'We have created so many playful and play-filled ways for you to experience Shakespeare in action. At The Globe children can visit the world famous Globe theatre to see a professional 'learning' production or attend a class a workshop on any Shakespeare play.'

The Globe Theatre


Reflect Productions

Shakespeare at Green Dragon Primary School

Reflect Productions is a Children’s Theatre Workshop which comes into Green Dragon . Reflect Productions has been running since January 2007, delivering personalised theatre in education drama workshops and directing children's theatre projects across the Capital.

Click here to find out more about Reflect Productions

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