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  • Parent Pay - Important Information FOR ALL

    Re: Payments for School Dinner Money

    We are no longer to accept any money for lunches at the office.  All money for lunches must be paid using ParentPay.  Every child has brought home a letter explaining how ParentPay works. 

    Parents can pay for school meals online or cash at local stores where you see the PayPoint logo. If you would prefer to use the method of cash at your local PayPoint store please see Mrs Nassar in the school office and she can order you a PayPoint card which should arrive in school within 15 working days from the date of the order. In the interim, to ensure your child’s school meal account is kept in credit Mrs Nassar will print you a barcoded letter which you can take to the nearest PayPoint store and make a payment. Please be aware that the minimum payment for this is £10.00 you will need to retain your receipt as proof of payment.

    If you do not have a ParentPay account please see the instructions attached to this letter. If you already have a ParentPay account either with our school or with another school, you can simply login to that account and add your other children via the ‘Add a child’ tab on your home page.

    If parents refuse to abide by the schools payment arrangement for school meals their child will be refused a school dinner and will have to make an alternative arrangement.

  • Parent Pay - Important Information for Reception - Y2

    Reception and Year 1 parents:  even though your child receives a free meal anyway, if the government is aware that you would be entitled to free school meals, they will add £1,300 to our budget, you will also be entitled to free school milk. . For every child who is entitled to free school meals we will give you a free sweatshirt! 

    Year 2 parents: you will need to start paying for your child’s school meals from September. All money must be paid using ParentPay, we cannot take any money at the office for school meals.  If you think you might be entitled please complete the form. Every child that is entitled to free school meals earns the school £1,300 that we spend on staffing and resources. 

  • Has your child got a problem with another child in school?

    If your child tells you about a problem with another child in school and you think it is serious or going to affect your child’s happiness in school, please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s class teacher. Please do not speak directly to the other child’s parents. Things that happen in school should be sorted out in school. It is not worth adults ‘falling out’ over children’s issues. The children make friends again very quickly, it takes adults longer to get over things!

  • PANTS: Keeping Children Safe

    We hope that all the parents who attended the PANTS session with NSPCC found it useful.  The feedback was extremely positive.  After half term every class will be holding a PANTS session where staff will share materials with the children to remind them that:

    • Privates are private.
    • Always remember your body belongs to you.
    • No means no.
    • Talk about secrets that upset you.
    • Speak up, someone can help

    For general information about PANTS and the Pantosaurus video visit www.nspcc.org.uk/pants
    For advice about How to talk to your child about keeping safe visit https://www.nspcc.org.uk/globalassets/documents/advice-and-info/talk-pants-how.pdf


    Please make punctuality a new year’s resolution for 2016, being late for school is extremely disruptive for your child but also for the rest of their class.  Children should be in the playground 5 minutes before the whistle blows/doors open.  If your child is late please make sure you sign them in properly on the screen.  You must press ‘finish’ or their log in doesn’t register and we don’t have a record that they are in school.  

  • Parent Volunteers

    Our curriculum at Green Dragon is fully enhance by school trips/visits and we often need parent/carer support on these trips. If parents/carers agree to accompany the trip but then cannot attend, it is essential that the school is informed at the earliest convenience. Trips could be seriously affected or even cancelled if the correct staff/pupil ratios are not correct.


    Smoking outside school: If you chose to smoke outside school please stand well away from the gate.  Many parents do not want their child to walk through cigarettes smoke on the way in to their school.  Please also make sure that you put cigarettes out and then throw the butt into the bin.  This week a small child picked up a cigarette that was still alight from the pavement outside school.

    Parking:  In recent weeks, the school has received a few complaints from local residents and parents about socially irresponsible parking in surrounding roads. If you drop your child off to school using a car, please ensure you park appropriately. Double parking and blocking people in can have a serious effect on other people’s days, including their work and missing important appointments. Local parking attendants will be monitoring the area and it would be very disappointing to hear of any of our parents receiving a parking ticket. Live one of our Personal Goals in being ‘Socially Responsible’. 

    Are you children safe?  Children going home alone …..

    Most of our children are brought to school and collected by their parents.  If you allow your child to come to go home alone please make them aware that a man in a car stopped a child from St Mary’s School in Chiswick this week and offered the child sweets.   Fortunately the child was confident and aware enough to run away.  Primary aged children are very young and do not always make the right choice when tempted by sweets, puppies, friendly offers etc.  Children are far safer with an adult or in a group of other children.  No child below Year 5 should be coming or going home from school without an adult. 


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