Reception and Nursery

Nursery places, September 2017:  Do you or a friend or neighbour have a child who was born between 1.9.2013 to 31.8.14?  If so then please tell them about the wonderful learning experiences at Green Dragon. Suggest they visit the school to see the amazing learning first hand and tell them to pick up an application form for Nursery 2017.  Children who will be 3 by 31st August 2017 can attend 3 hours a day (either morning or afternoon) Nursery from September.

Dear parents, remember that you will receive a free PE kit from the office when you return the Free School Meal form.

Reception children must be in the playground by 8.45 for doors to open at 8.50am. 

A polite notice - Nursery PlaygroundThe Nursery playground is only for the Nursery children to use during the time that Nursery is open.  Please do not let your child run around and play with the toys in there. 

Starting Full-time School

  • School Uniform:

    Children must wear: 

    • Black or grey school trousers, skirts or dresses (no jogging bottoms)
    • Plain white shirt or polo shirt
    • A GD sweatshirt or cardigan or a regulation school jumper (grey or green)
    • Plain black shoes – no white soles, logos, coloured ticks etc.
    • Children must not wear earrings in school.
    • All long hair must be tied up.
    • Hair must be cut no shorter than a number 2. No embossed styles.

    We are very proud of Green Dragon and wearing a smart school uniform helps to encourage and promote this sense of pride.  Please support your child by making sure they follow the rules. Thank you.

  • How can parents help at home?

    Talk about your family. Look at family photos.

    • Who is in your family?
    • What countries do they come from?
    • What special things do you and your family like to do together?
    • Do you belong to a religion or follow any particular routines?

    When walking around the community, look at the different types of houses and house numbers.

    • How are they the same?
    • How are they different?
    • Are they tall/short/long/wide etc?
    • Why do we have keys to houses?
  • nursery Project, Spring 2 - Once Upon a Time: Traditional Tales

    The Big Picture

    When we hear the words ‘Once upon a time’, we know we are about to be taken on an exciting adventure. Everyone, no matter what their age, has a favourite story that they like to hear, and often we like to enjoy them over and over again. Now, we’re going to discover some new stories! By exploring these stories, we will be learning how to become better storytellers, and will create our own amazing worlds of make believe. Shall we begin? ‘Once upon a time…’

    Help your child to discover ‘changes’ in everyday things by experiementing and talking about things such as:

    Changes to food

    • Ice/chocolate etc melts when heated
    • Water freezes when cold
    • Jelly sets in a fridge
    • Pasta softens when cooked
    • Bread is changed when toasted

    Changes through growth/decay

    • Flowers grow and then die
    • Fruit/bread will eventually go mouldy if left
    • We were once babies and have grown up

    Changes to the weather through seasons

  • Reception Project, Spring 2 - Changes : This Is Me!

    What’s the big idea? 

    Everywhere around you, something is changing! The season is changing from winter to spring, seeds in the ground are growing into flowers, baby animals are hatching from eggs and the ice on the ground is melting into water! We are going to explore and experiment with change through traditional tales and first-hand experiences, to find out about all sorts of changes within the world around us. 

  • Maths:

    Sequencing numbers to 20

    Identifying one more and one less

    Number bonds to 10 (5 + 5, 6 + 4 etc)

    Measuring plants

    Weighing vegetables using the language of ‘heavy’ and ‘light’

  • English:

    Core Books: The Runaway Pancake, The Odd Egg, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Enormous Turnip.

    Time connectives: First, next, after that, then, finally etc.

    Phase 3 sounds: ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er.

  • Home Learning:

    Home Learning books will be sent home on a Thursday. Please return them by the following Wednesday.It is  important that you read with your child everyday and help them to learn the list of tricky words. 

    Read stories with your child at home. Talk about the characters, settings and structure. Can you make up an alternative ending together?

    The children should also:

    • read every day to or with an adult
    • practice their phonic cards
    • ask your child questions about colours, sizes, objects or numbers that you see when you are out and about.
  • Useful Websites for learning:
  • Things to remember e.g. PE kits

    P.E is on Fridays - only reception children need PE kits.

    • School PE uniform is black shorts and a white t-shirt. Please ensure clothing is all name labelled. plimsoles are needed for PE.

    • PE is now on Wednesdays (not Fridays). 

    • Shorts or leggings must not be over the knee as this increases the likelihood of slipping on equipment
  • Important dates

    Friday 30th June - Afternoon Nursery Cake Sale

    Thursday 20th July - Whole School Exit point

    What better way to end the year than with a whole school celebration?!

    We hope every child from Nursery to Year 6 will bring in a plate of something homemade and scrumptious. At 9.30am, children will begin the festivities and enjoy tasting food from all over the world, present day and past.

Messages from the Staff

School starts at 8:50am and finishes at 3:15. Please be prompt as lateness at either the start or at the end of the day is upsetting for the children.

Please check with your child's teacher that they have a record of all the people that are allowed to collect you child - we will not allow the children to leave the school premises without your consent. If your child is being collected by someone other than yourself or the allocated person then you MUST call the school office.

Packed lunches must not contain sweets, chocolate bars, nuts or fizzy drinks.

Parents and grown ups can talk to any member of the Reception Team at the end of school.

Please make sure all of your child's clothing has their names written on them with PERMANENT pen - thank you.

Jolly Phonics - Phase 2


Jolly Phonics - Phase 3