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**Please remember to book your child/s lunch choices via ParentPay**


You can now apply for a place in Reception at Green Dragon on the below website. Miss Pinkney is happy to help anyone who would like support with this. Deadline is 15th January 2019. Thank you!


Can You Help?

Perhaps you have knowledge or resources about our project? 

Perhaps you have time to come into class to help with reading? Please come and talk to your child’s teacher if you do!

Dear parents, remember that you will receive a free PE kit from the office when you return the Free School Meal form.

Reception children must be in the playground by 8.45 for doors to open at 8.50am. 

A polite notice - Nursery PlaygroundThe Nursery playground is only for the Nursery children to use during the time that Nursery is open.  Please do not let your child run around and play with the toys in there. 

Starting Full-time School

  • School Uniform

    Children must wear: 

    • Black or grey school trousers, skirts or dresses (no jogging bottoms)
    • Plain white shirt or polo shirt
    • A GD sweatshirt or cardigan or a regulation school jumper (grey or green)
    • Plain black shoes – no white soles, logos, coloured ticks etc.
    • Children must not wear earrings in school.
    • All long hair must be tied up.
    • Hair must be cut no shorter than a number 2. No embossed styles.

    We are very proud of Green Dragon and wearing a smart school uniform helps to encourage and promote this sense of pride.  Please support your child by making sure they follow the rules. Thank you.

  • Useful Websites for learning
  • Important dates
    • Monday 24th December – Friday 4thJanuary : Christmas Holidays
    • Monday 7th January: INSET day School closed for children
    • Tuesday 8thJanuary: Start of the Spring term 8.45am
    • Tuesday 8th January : Year 5 (Phoenix 2) Swimming starts
    • Monday 14th January: Clubs start
    • Tuesday 15th January : Closing date for Reception Applications
    • Tuesday 15th January : Education Governors Meeting
    • Thursday 17th January : Year 6 Trip to The National History Museum
    • Monday 21st January : Height and weight checks – Reception and Year 6
    • Thursday 31st January : Prospective Parent Tour
    • Tuesday 5th February : Year 4 trip to The Science Museum
    • Tuesday 12th February : Strategic Development Governors Meeting
    • Friday 15th February :Chinese New Year
    • Monday 18th  - Friday 22nd February : Half Term Holiday
    • Monday 25th  February : School reopens for staff and children
    • Tuesday 5th March : Full Governing Body meeting 
    • Wednesday 6th March School closing @2.00pm today
    • Wednesday 6th March : Parents’ Evening 2.30 – 5.00pm
    • Thursday 7th March : Parents’ Evening 3.40 – 6.00pm 
    • Thursday 7th March : World Book Day
    • Wednesday 13th March : Year 2 (Sphinx 1) trip to The National Portrait Gallery
    • Thursday 14th March : Year 2 (Sphinx 2) trip to The National Portrait Gallery
    • Thursday 14th March : Prospective Parent Tour
    • Monday 25th March : Last week of swimming
    • Monday 25th March : Last week of clubs
    • Monday 1st April : E-Safety Workshop for children
    • Monday 1st April : Club registration – open online via Parentpay from 10am
    • Monday 8th - Friday 22nd April : Easter Holidays
    • Tuesday 23rd April : INSET day – school closed for children
    • Wednesday 24th April : School reopens for children 

  • maths
    • Using language of SIZE and TIME
    • Counting out loud to 10, 20 or beyond, and touch counting to 5 or beyond
    • Matching numerals to quantities
    • Opposites and prepositions - on/under, in/out, back/front, behind/in front
    • Naming and describing some 2D and 3D shapes
  • English
    •  Core book - The Discovery, Dinosaur Roar, Meg's Eggs, Mad about Dinosaurs and non-fiction books about Dinosaurs. Re-writing "Dear Zoo" (Dear Dino-Park)
    • Phase 1 phonics: Alliteration (e.g. Silly Stegosaurus), Clapping + Stomping rhythms (Steg - a - saur - us = 4 claps) and noticing Rhyme.
    • Phase 2 sounds: s (snake)  a (apple)  t (tower)   m (mountain)   d (dinosaur)
    • Keep reading with your child at home and encourage them to talk about what is happening in the pictures.  It’s great if you point out when YOU are reading too – books, magazines, your mail, e-mails…  
    • Remember your child can change their book any day and as often as you like, not just on their set days with their teacher (Penguins–Tuesdays.    Pandas–Wednesdays.     Puffins–Thursdays)
  • PE
    • We will start to have P.E in the hall. The children only take off socks and shoes for this.  
    • Please remember your child has to change their own socks and shoes. Please help your child to practise at home.
    • Also, leggings and socks are better than tights!
  • Home Learning

    Everywhere books will be sent home on a Friday. Please help your child to complete the task set and return them by the following Wednesday. As well as this – don’t forget to make EVERY opportunity you can for your child to learn through the everyday things you do – count everything, go outdoors as much as you can, listen for and point out sounds all around you…..  

  • How can you help?

    Perhaps you have some resources about our project?

    • You could send in “treasure” for the children to dig up (fossils, interesting stones, old unwanted or broken jewellery, postcards or photos of “long ago”)
    • You can still sign up to come in and help in a session. (Only one parent per session! Sign-up sheet at the window)
    • Don’t forget to keep looking at our “Learning Journey” on the window to see some of the things we are doing and learning.

    Arrive on time!

    Remember that the children come straight to our big carpet when they arrive, so if your child is late, they miss an important part of the learning for the session.

  • Useful Websites for learning

    If you go to the Cbeebies website, your child can find out all kinds of things and play games or watch episodes about dinosaurs – look for “Andy’s Jurrasic Adventures.”  Also “learnenglish.co.uk” has some games about dinosaurs.  If you find any otherreally good sites – do let us know! 






  • Things to remember e.g. PE kits

    Only reception children need PE kits.

    • PE is on a Wednesdays. The uniform is black shorts and a white t-shirt. Please ensure clothing is all name labelled.

    • School PE uniform is black shorts and a white t-shirt. Please ensure clothing is all name labelled. plimsoles are needed for PE.

    • Shorts or leggings must not be over the knee as this increases the likelihood of slipping on equipment

    Watch out for an exciting Parent Workshop straight after the half term in February… details to follow. 


    At bedtime, the moon and the stars come out. They shine down from the night sky. Have you ever imagined what it might be like to go on a journey to the moon and the stars? What might you find there? Who might be living there? And what is the moon really made of? Get ready to blast off as we go on a journey through space!​

  • maths
    • Count objects 1-20 and match to the correct numeral
    • Say one more than and one less than a given number (0-20)
    • Use vocabulary relating to addition, e.g. Get ready to get some more
    • Look at an addition Maths Story and read what it says, e.g. 2+4+3=9
    • Identify and describe simple 3D shapes: cube, sphere, cuboid, pyramid
  • English
    •  Core book - ‘Whatever Next’
    • Retell a story using a text map (with pictures)
    • Tricky words: I, the, no, go, into, my, you, said, be
    • Read, Write Inc Set 1 sounds: 
    • m  a s  d  t i  n  p g  o  c  k  u b  f e lsh r j v y th z ch qu n g nk
  • How can you help?
    • Talk to your child about what they have been learning in school.  If you can, watch videos together of rockets launching or astronauts in zero gravity. 
    • Look at the sky together, during the day and at night. How is it different? What can you see?
    • How do astronauts travel into space?
    • Can your child name any planets?
    • How do scientists know so much about space? What do they use to help them? (Telescopes, space probes etc.)
    • What does an astronaut wear in space? Why?
  • Home Learning
    • Practise writing simple words and sentences at home, e.g. The man is big.
    • Practise ordering numbers 1-20.
    • Read books about space together and see what interesting facts you can find out. 
  • Useful Websites for learning
  • Things to remember e.g. PE kits

    Only reception children need PE kits.

    • PE is on a Wednesdays. The uniform is black shorts and a white t-shirt. Please ensure clothing is all name labelled.

    • School PE uniform is black shorts and a white t-shirt. Please ensure clothing is all name labelled. plimsoles are needed for PE.

    • Shorts or leggings must not be over the knee as this increases the likelihood of slipping on equipment

Messages from the Staff

School starts at 8:50am and finishes at 3:15. Please be prompt as lateness at either the start or at the end of the day is upsetting for the children.

Please check with your child's teacher that they have a record of all the people that are allowed to collect you child - we will not allow the children to leave the school premises without your consent. If your child is being collected by someone other than yourself or the allocated person then you MUST call the school office.

Packed lunches must not contain sweets, chocolate bars, nuts or fizzy drinks.

Parents and grown ups can talk to any member of the Reception Team at the end of school.

Please make sure all of your child's clothing has their names written on them with PERMANENT pen - thank you.

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