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**Remember to wear your PE kits to school every Tuesday and Friday**

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Year 5 Project, start of Autumn term 2021: Brainwave – How do our personal goals help us learn?

  • What’s the big idea?

    We start every academic year with this short project. It will help us remember the routines and expectations of Green Dragon Primary School.

    • We will use our personal goals to help us remember how to be a confident, resilient, ambitious learner.
    • We will know what helps us to be a good learner, a good friend and a responsible member of our school.
  • What will we be learning?

    Routines and Expectations:

    • We will know what is the same now we are in Year 5 and what has changed.
    • We will know the rules and routines that make us better at learning in Year 5.
    • We will be able to share our views clearly and politely.
    • We will know what to do if something goes wrong.
    • We will know what our personal goals are, and how they help us.
    • We will know about the different subjects we learn at Green Dragon.


    • We will know what makes us happy and how this makes us feel.
    • We will know what makes us have unhappy feelings and how these make us feel.
    • We will know how to look after our brains and our bodies.
    • We will know who can help us in the school community.


    • We will know what makes a ‘good friend’.
    • We will be able to work as a pair or a team.
    • We will be able to praise.
    • We will be able to ask for help.
    • We will be able to fall out and make up.

    International Mindedness:

    • We will be able to share knowledge about us and my families.
    • We will know our importance in our school and our world.
    • We will be able to ask questions and learn about our classmates.
  • Knowledge organiser

    We use a knowledge organiser for every project in every year group. It is a helpful way for children and families to see the key knowledge that children will learn. This key knowledge helps the children ask more questions and then find out more information.

    It would be helpful to talk with your child about this knowledge organiser. As the project develops, they will be able to share more knowledge. Thank you!

  • Dates of Project Homelearning

    Summer Half-term homelearning

    Pick one of these natural disasters to research:- Hurrican Katrina; the Gulf of Mexico oil-spill; Haiti earthquake; flooding in Pakistan; Japan earthquake; Tsunami. 

    Answer these questions:

    Exactly where did it happen? 

    When did it happen?

    What were the effects on human life and the environment?

  • Year 5 Notes & Dates

    School day:

    The Year 5 school day starts at 8.35am. Your child needs to enter school through the main gate and walk through the KS2 playground. Staff will direct your child.

    All adults dropping off or picking up children must wear face masks from now on. Thank you. Please ensure you stay two metres away from other families.

    Your child needs to be collected from the KS2 playground at 3.00pm, unless they walk home alone. If your child can walk home alone, please fill out the form that you can collect from the office (this includes those children who walked home alone last year).   

    PE Kits

    School PE uniform is black shorts (or tracksuit bottoms) with a white t-shirt. PE kits should be worn into school on Tuesdays and Fridays.


    Musical instruments need to be in school every Thursday. It is important that your child is practising their instruments at home.



    Your child has their login details – if you need these again, please email:  phoenix@greendragon.hounslow.sch.uk


    Symptoms of COVID-19 or of a cold:

    You will be asked to follow the COVID-19 guidance for households with possible infection coronavirus guidance.


    You will be asked to have your child tested for COVID-19 as this could have an impact on our school. This can include testing for all children and their families, if displaying symptoms.

    *If your child does not take a test, your household will have to isolate following government guidance – please contact the school for more information.


  • How to Contact The Year 5 Team

    There are two main ways to talk with your child’s teacher/team.

    You can talk at the start or end of the day – remember that we have more time at the end of the day or email us on the address below phoenix@greendragon.hounslow.sch.uk

    Teachers will respond between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00pm.

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