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  • What’s the big idea?

    TWe know that when we look up at our sky we will see the Sun, the Moon and the stars.  We take them for granted.  But why are they there?  What do they do?  How do they affect the Earth?  Astronomy, like all sciences, is about asking questions.  By becoming ‘space explorers’, we can find out more about our solar system and the deeper mysteries of the universe.

  • What will we be learning?


    We will be able to:

    • Research questions about our solar system and record our findings.

    We will know:

    • How the solar system is arranged; how we get day and night; how we get our seasons.

    We will be developing our understanding of:

    •  The relative size and distance of planets.


    We will understand:

    •  How scientists such as Galileo proved that the Earth orbits the Sun

    We will know:

    • How space exploration has evolved over time through the development of ever more sophisticated technology.

    This is very useful – follow @Space_Station or @NASAEarth or @NASA_astronauts.

    Apps are also helpful – Star Walk and Sky Map are the apps we will use in school.

  • English

    We will be learning how to write: Biographies, Narratives

    We will continue to improve our SPaG knowledge, skills and understanding, in particular: spelling rules involving suffixes and prefixes, and adverbial phrases showing time, manner and place.

  • Maths

    Please help your child to know all of the times tables facts up to 12 x 12 and their related division facts. This is incredibly important and will help with fractions, decimals, percentages and division.

    We will also be working hard to remember how to:

    •  Find fractions of quantities and calculate with fractions.
  • Year 5 Notes & Dates

    PE Kits

    School PE uniform is black shorts (or tracksuit bottoms) with a white t-shirt. PE kits should be worn into school on Tuesdays and Fridays.


    Children will be set home learning through Mathletics and DB Primary. These  link to learning we are doing in the classroom. We will email you each week to let you know when this is ready.

    Your child has their login details – if you need these again, please email:  phoenix@greendragon.hounslow.sch.uk

    If you have any problems with completing the homelearning tasks, please talk to your teacher at pick up or email your teacher.

    We would like you to create your own version of our Solar System. Be as creative as you would like to be! Use paper, glue, card, eggs (they might get a bit smelly actually), ping pong balls – anything that you like! All we ask, is that the model is 3D. Have fun!

    Due in Friday 8th January 2021.

    If you need help with any home learning, we are here to help you! Please email : phoenix@greendragon.hounslow.sch.uk


    Symptoms of COVID-19 or of a cold:

    You will be asked to follow the COVID-19 guidance for households with possible infection coronavirus guidance.


    You will be asked to have your child tested for COVID-19 as this could have an impact on our school. This can include testing for all children and their families, if displaying symptoms.

    *If your child does not take a test, your household will have to isolate following government guidance – please contact the school for more information.


How to Contact The Year 5 Team

Email us on the address below : 


Teachers will respond between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00pm.

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