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Summer 2 IPC PROJECT: What a Wonderful World

  • In Geography:

    We will be able to:

    • Use different kinds of maps to find out information.

    We will know:

    • About different regions and environments around the world.​

    We will be developing our understanding of:

    •  How extreme weather events and climate change occur together with their effect on people.
  • In Computing :


    We will be able to:

    • Program an on-line quiz to test our knowledge of biomes.

    ​​We will be developing our understanding of:

    • How technology helps us to research geographical features and events.


  • Maths & English :


    Please help your child to know how to tell the time using digital and analogue (12 hour) clock. 

    This is an incredibly important life skill.

    We will also be working hard to remember how to:

    •  Use the short written method for division; find fractions of quantities.


    • We will be studying: Journalism, Discussion texts and Information texts.
    • We will continue to improve our SPaG knowledge, skills and understanding, in particular: spelling rules involving suffixes and prefixes, and adverbial phrases showing time, manner and place.
  • important dates:
    • Monday 4th June – Y5 Entry Point
    • Friday 8th June - Phoenix 1 Class Assembly 8am - Parents welcome.
    • Friday 8th June- Whole school mufti day for the Summer and Eid Fair - Pay a pound or bring an unwanted gift, something you would wish to win yourself. Thank you! (Summer and Eid Fair is on 6th July.)
    • Monday 11thJune - Firefighter Ruth visiting Year 2 and 5 – learning about safety 
    • Tuesday 12thJune - Green Dragon Friends (PTA) will be meeting in the studio at 3.15pm on Tuesday 12th June to plan and prepare for the Summer and Eid Fair. Everyone is invited – even if you are not currently a member of the GDF. It’s a great way to meet other parents / carers. Children welcome too. Thank you!
    • Friday 22nd June - Phoenix 2 Class Assembly - 9am Parents welcome
    • Tuesday 3rdJuly – Y5 Exit Point Come along and join in our on-line quizzes designed and programmed by the children.  
    • Friday 6th July - GDF Summer and Eid Fair
    • Tuesday 10thJuly– Y5 Gurdwara visit (part of the RE Curriculum)
    • Friday 13th July - Years 1-3 / Years 4-6 Sports’ Day
    • Monday 16th July - Parents’ evening 3:30 – 5:00
    • Tuesday 17th July - Meet the new teacher 3:30 – 5:00
    • Friday 20th July - Last day of term, break up 2:00 pm

Home Learning

Home learning tasks are set every week :

Task Given out Due Back
Mathletics Thursday Tuesday
Spelling Book Thursday Tuesday
Reading Passport Ongoing

Mathletics tasks should be completed by THURSDAY EACH WEEK when new tasks will be set .

Dates of Project Homelearning: 

Pick one of these natural disasters to research:- Hurricane Katrina; the Gulf of Mexico oil-spill; Haiti earthquake; flooding in Pakistan; Japan earthquake; Tsunami.  Answer these questions: Exactly where did it happen?  When did it happen? What were the effects on human life and the environment?  


  • To read for at least a minimum of 10 minutes every day and record what you have read in your reading journal. 
  • Practice your times tables and spellings
  • Fill in your reading diaries and have a grown-up check and sign them.

Things to remember

P.E is on  Thursdays & Fridays

  • School PE uniform is black shorts (or tracksuit bottoms) with a white t-shirt. PE kits should be in school at all times.

  • Remember to have your P.E kits in for both these days (including plimsoles).
  • Make sure you have leggings or tracksuit bottoms as we will be outside for P.E unless it is raining
  • To avoid athletes foot and other fungal infections please ensure your child has a change of shoes for PE.
  • PE kit should be left in school for the whole half term and washed in the holidays. 

Instrumental lessons are on Thursdays

  • Musical instruments need to be in school every Thursday. It is important that your child is practicing their instruments at home.

Messages from the Staff

Can You Help?

Do you have knowledge or resources about our project?

Could you give some time to come in to class to help with reading? Please come and talk to your child’s teacher if you can help!

Please return any slips and letters promptly to help with organisation of activities and trips.

Remember to talk to your grown-ups about this weeks Big Writing Talk Homework.

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