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**Y5 EASTER WEEK 1 ACTIVITIES ARE NOW ON-see below!**we are now closed until further notice **

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Happy Friday Phoenixes!

How has your week been? We hope that you have been exercising both your body and your mind. We've been keeping up with our daily runs and Miss Farmer's dog is absolutely shattered in addition to whizzing through our piles of books. What have you guys been up to keep yourselves busy? Even with all this strenuous work, we've still been able to check your Mathletics and purple mash work regularly. Be sure to check out the display board, to see some examples of great work and some messages from us.  Please try and send us some pictures of your Easter exploits or any challenges/riddles you have for us (You know how much we love these)!

Mr Dexter,Mrs Ellis, Miss Farmer,  and Mrs Mohammed​

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