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**Year 3 Wednesday 15th July Home learning task sheets are now on!**

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Email us on the address below : 


Teachers will respond between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00pm. You can also use this email address to send examples of home learning too, which we would love to see! 

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Friday Weekly Message Board

Dear Year 3 families,

Keep emailing us your work, and if you need help with anything we are always here.

Keep washing your hands! Keep doing the right thing and we’ll be back together soon!

Miss Belcher and Miss Buchanan​

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Messages from the Staff

Can You Help?

Do you have knowledge or resources about our project?

Could you give some time to come into class to help with reading?

If anyone would like to come into class for a regular session to hear children read, then please let one of us know.

To help develop Green Dragon’s knowledge of Geography, and International Mindedness, each year group will learn about a different country in the world every half term.

We will call the United Kingdom ‘our here country’ and one other will be ‘our there country’.

We will be learning about French schools and how they differ from ours, and how its Geography compares.

If you have any items from or experience of France, please do let us know!

Please do encourage your child to learn about France and then to come in and teach us.

Thank you!

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