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  • What's the big idea

    History is one big story, filled with important people who did many great things. There were scientists, writers, artists, musicians, explorers and many more. By learning about these people and what they did, we can find out more about the personal qualities that make someone great.

  • What are we learning?


    We will know:

    • about the lives of famous people like Mary Seacole, Samuel Pepys, Martin Luther King Junior, Neil Armstrong and Amelia Earhart
    • about significant events beyond living memory such as the Great Fire of London and the first female solo flight across the Atlantic

    We will be able to:

    • place significant events on a timeline
    • use different sources to find out information


    We will know:

    • about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and making links to their own work. Famous artists Frieda Kahlo and Andy Warhol

    We will be able to:

    • use a range of different materials and resources to create artwork such as printing with ink, painting, drawing and sculpting


    We will know:

    • about the the idea of ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ and what it means


    We will be able to:

    • to compare London, England with New York, America
    • to know and be able to locate the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom on maps and atlases
    • to know and locate the surrounding seas of the United Kingdom on maps and atlases.  


    We will be able to:

    • to learn rhymes and chants about past events
    • listen with concentration to a range of music
  • Knowledge organiser

    We use a knowledge organiser for every project in every year group. It is a helpful way for children and families to see the key knowledge that children will learn. This key knowledge helps the children ask more questions and then find out more information.

    It would be helpful to talk with your child about this knowledge organiser. As the project develops, they will be able to share more knowledge. Thank you!

  • Maths

    We will be able to:

    • Multiplication and division – sharing, dividing by 2, 5 and 10
    • Statistics – pictograms, tally charts and block diagrams
  • English
    • poetry – acrostic, shape
    • writing letters and biographies of famous people
    •  writing diary entries based on Samuel Pepys
    • story: The Lonely Beast by Chris Judd



  • Year 2 Notes and dates

    School day:

    The Year 2 school day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.10pm.

    PE Kits

    School PE uniform is black shorts (or tracksuit bottoms) with a white t-shirt and trainers. All children will come to school wearing PE kit on their PE days.

    Year 2 PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays.

    Home Learning 

    1. Daily reading - this is very important! Reading books are changed once a week.  Please listen to your child read, and read to them. Please write a comment in their green reading record. Thank you!

    2. A short piece of work will be sent home once a week on a Friday- this will help your child with their English or Maths knowledge and skills. 

    3. A task connected to project learning every half term. This will be set on DB - we will email you with more information.

    If you have any problems with completing the homelearning tasks, please talk to your teacher at pick up, or email your teacher.

    Your child has their login details – if you need these again, please email: sphinx@greendragon.hounslow.sch.uk

    Please read with your child as often as possible and change when your child has finished reading the book and a comment is written in the reading journal. 

    If your child reads for 20 minutes a day they will hear 1,800,000 words per year!  Amazing!


    We are currently planning a trip and more information will be sent to you as soon as possible!

    Can you help?!

    If you have any information (stories, photos, experiences, artefacts etc) that may make our project even better, then please contact your class teacher.


    Symptoms of COVID-19 or of a cold:

    You will be asked to follow the COVID-19 guidance for households with possible infection coronavirus guidance.


    You will be asked to have your child tested for COVID-19 as this could have an impact on our school. This can include testing for all children and their families, if displaying symptoms.

    *If your child does not take a test, your household will have to isolate following government guidance – please contact the school for more information.

  • Statutory Spellings

  • How to Contact The Year 2 Team

    There are two main ways to talk with your child’s teacher.

    You can talk at the start or end of the day – remember that teachers have more time at the end of the day!

    Alternatively, teachers check the year group email every day so you can contact them here:  sphinx@greendragon.hounslow.sch.uk

    Teachers will respond between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00pm.

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