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Spring 2 IPC PROJECT: Heroes of the past

  • In History:

    We will know:

    • about what life was like at different times in the past
    • about the lives of famous people like Samuel Pepys, Freida Kahlo, Marie Curie and Martin Luther King.

    We will be able to:

    • place significant events on a timeline
    • use different sources to find out information
  • In Art:

    We will know:

    • about the work of a range of artists, craft makers, and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines and making links to their own work.

    We will be able to:

    • use a range of different materials and resources to create self-portraits
  • In Technology:

    We will be able to:

    •        design a new invention that will make our lives easier.

  • In international:

    We will know:

    • about the idea of ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ and what it means. 
  • In Maths and English, we WIll:


    • finding a fraction of an amount eg half of 22 = 11
    • solve word problems
    • be able to spot a line of symmetry in a 2D shape
    • Solve word problems about money – giving change from £1
    • Continue a number sequence eg 1,4,7,10… what next?


    • Apostrophes for possession – Sami’s socks, Leena’s bag, Joshua’s globe.
    • using conjunctions to make compound sentences

    but    and   so    because

    • Writing diary entries – we will be reading Samuel Pepys’ diary
    • Writing a story in the first person
  • Message for Parents

    Year 2 Parents:  School receives money for every free school meal child that attends so please apply for Free School Meals for September. If your application is successful your child will be given a FREE PE kit, you will get free meals next school year and, most importantly, the school will receive an extra ££££££ of funding. We would encourage all parents to look at the link below to see if you are entitled to free meals, even if your child is currently getting a school meal because they are in Reception or KS 1. So, please speak to our office staff or complete the form that has been emailed to you. 

    Click here to be directed to an e-form to apply for free school meals.

  • important dates:
    • Monday 12th –  Friday 16th February Half-Term Holiday
    • Tuesday  27th February (Sphinx 1)  & Wednesday  28th February (Sphinx 2) ​-  We are going on a trip to the National Archives We will be studying sources from the Great Fire of London and learning more about life in Tudor and Stuart London. We will need to volunteers to help us with our learning. 
    • Monday 26th MarchExit Point: Children need to dress up as someone that we have been learning about in class. Parents – you are invited – feel free to dress up too! Please let us know if you are willing to bake a cake for the occasion.
    • Thursday 29th March Break up 2:00 pm
    • Friday 30th – Friday 13th April Easter Holiday         
    • Monday 16th April School re-starts
    • Tuesday 24th April - Class Photographs
    • Friday 18th May - Sphinx 2 Class Assembly
    • Friday 18th May - GDF Disco    
    • Friday 25th May - Break up for Half Term      
    • Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June Half-Term Holiday
    • Monday 4th June - Year 2 to start visiting KS2 playground
    • Friday 6th July - GDF Summer Fair
    • Friday 13th July - Years 1-3 / Years 4-6 Sports’ Day
    • Monday 16th July - Parents’ evening 3:30 – 5:00
    • Tuesday 17th July - Meet the new teacher 3:30 – 5:00
    • Friday 20th July - Last day of term, break up 2:00 pm

Home Learning

Home learning tasks are set every week :

Task Given out Due Back
Mathletics Thursday Tuesday
Phonics / Spelling Thursday Tuesday
Reading Journal Friday Following Friday

Home learning

1. We send home a Spelling/ Grammar task each Thursday.

2. Please read every day at home together. Please record it in the diary so we can praise the children for their home learning.

  • practice your phonics 
  • remember your Times Tables Challenges
  • read every day
  • practice your number counting and the number bonds for 10, 20 and 100

3. We are learning about people who lived in the past. Your project challenge this half term is to make a poster about someone who you admire who lived in the past. (Some of you have already done this!)  

4. Spellings: Keep practising your spellings each week in your spelling booklet. Most of you are doing really well! Tests are every FRIDAY. 

Dominoes: keep playing with your dominoes! Have a great idea for a game? Tell us about it and teach the class in explore time on Friday!

Cards: Playing card games is a great way to keep your mind active. It helps with maths too! 


Things to remember

PE is on Monday and Wednesdays.

  • Remember to have your P.E kits in this days (including plimsoles).
  • Make sure you have leggings or tracksuit bottoms as we will be outside for P.E unless it is raining.

    Can You Help?

    Do you have knowledge or resources about our project?

    Could you give some time to come into class to help with reading? Please come and talk to your child’s teacher if you can help!

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