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**Check Out the New menu**Please remember to book your child/s lunch choices via ParentPay**

Free meal for all children 

We are thrilled to share with you an exciting initiative led by the Mayor of London that aims to ensure every child in the city has access to a free meal. As we all know, proper nutrition plays a crucial role in a child's development, both physically and mentally.

The "Every Child Deserves a Free Meal" initiative has now been launched. This programme aims to provide free meals to all children attending state-funded schools in London, regardless of their background or financial circumstances. By doing so, the Mayor hopes to tackle food poverty and ensure that no child goes hungry. The benefits of this are huge, as a well-fed child is more likely to concentrate and perform better at school. Please make sure you take up this opportunity for your child by booking the meal on ParentPay.

If you do choose to send your child in with a packed lunch then please make sure they are healthy with a range of food choices.

We still have a number of families that have not booked their lunches, please make sure these are prebooked on Parent Pay. If you have an issue with this then please speak to the school office or email them on admin@greendragon.hounslow.sch.uk

Menu 2 - Week beginning Monday 15th July 2024

school lunches at green dragon

Packed lunches: If your child chooses to bring a packed lunch it must follow our packed lunch rules.  Children can only bring one treat item e.g. if they bring crisps then they should not also have a biscuit or a cereal bar.  Children must not bring jam or chocolate spread sandwiches and are expected to have at least one portion of fruit or vegetables.   Please ask at the office for a copy of our healthy packed lunch guideline.

School lunches
  • Important Information for ALL Parents re School Dinners

    Booking meals

    School dinners need to be booked and chosen by you - parents/carers – on the ParentPay website. 

    What do I need to do?

    You will need to login to the ParentPay website and make the choices for your child's lunch. The meals can be booked well in advance and can be booked up until midnight the day before. All you need to do is book which days your child will eat school dinner, choose the option, the press ‘Save’ and ‘Pay’ (if you pay). You can book a day, a week, a month or a term.

    Do I have to login and book every day?

    No - you can log in and book a day, a week, a month or a term.

    What happens if I don’t do it?

    If you forget to book the school dinners, talk to the school office.

    But I don’t pay for my child’s lunch, do I still do it?

    Yes – you still need to log in to ParentPay to book which days your child will eat school dinner. Choose the option, then press‘Save’. You can book a day, a week, a month or a term.

    My child only eats lunch occasionally, what do I do?

    You still need to book. You need to log in to ParentPay to book which days your child will eat school dinner. Choose the option, then press ‘Save’. You can book a day, a week, a month or a term.

    My child is sick, can I get a refund?

    If one day your child is absent and you have called the school to report their absence, their pre-booked lunch will be automatically cancelled and a refund will show on your ParentPay account. If you do not report your child absence before lunchtime, you will still be charged for their lunch. This also applies to children with a morning medical or any other authorised appointment. Again, please inform the school office if your child will not have their lunch and we can refund it back to you.

    What if I have a problem paying?

    Do not hesitate to pop in or call the school office for help.

  • Dietary requirements / food allergeis

    Please note that from now on the wraps on the menu will contain mayonnaise.  If your child has a potential allergy to any ingredients in mayonnaise please see  the school office.

    Our School menus are prepared by a fabulous team of cooks and on a daily basis within our kitchens.

    The menu fully complies with the latest school food regulations. Fresh and local produce is always used when available.

    Each day a set meal consists of one item from each group (main course, vegetables, salad & desert).  Fresh yoghurt, fresh fruit, salad bar & wholemeal bread are also availalbe. The meal aims to provide the balance of nutrients required.

    As a diverse school we try to reflect the cultural and religious needs of our school population, and therefore have a Halal (H) choice. 

    Dishes marked 'V'  are suitable for vegetarians. 

  • packed Lunches

    We are sure that your child will have told you about the Fun, Food and Fitness workshop that they went to this week led by Chartwell’s chief nutritionist.  The children have learned a lot about how food gives them energy and helps them to concentrate as well as helping them to grow and develop strong bodies and teeth.  All our school lunches follow the Government’s nutritional standards and we want to make sure that packed lunches follow the same rules so that every child at Green Dragon is given the best possible opportunity to grow, thrive and develop as healthily as possible.  Every child who has a packed lunch will bring home a leaflet about the new rules on Monday.  If you do not receive a copy please look on our website or ask at the office.  The basic outline of the new rules means that children should bring a balanced meal to school with a healthy savoury option (no jam or chocolate spread sandwiches), fruit and vegetables, some protein and the maximum of one treat item a day so if your child brings crisps they shouldn’t also bring biscuits.  All drinks must be fruit juice or water.

    Click on the following icons to view some great ideas, recipes and advice on packing your child a healthy and nutritious lunch.


  • Costs & free school meals

    Following a Government initiative, all pupils at Green Dragon Primary School who are in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, are allocated a free cooked school meal every day. This is irrespective of family circumstances or incomeand is only driven by the age of the child. Ordering a free cooked school lunch for a child in these year groups is the same as in previous times where the child tells their member of staff in the morning. You will not be charged for the cost of this meal.

    The cost of a school lunch for pupils in all other year groups is £2.30 per meal.

    Costing & how to Pay

    School Lunches cost :

    • £2.41 per day
    •  £12.05 per week - 5 days
    •  £73.30 for 6 weeks 
    • £144.60 for 12 weeks

    School lunch cost:  We would like to let parents know now that from September 2017 the cost of school lunches will increase to £2.30 a day.  School meals cost the school £2.30 but have been charged at £2 for several years.  We are confident that you will all agree that £2.30 remains incredibly good value for one of our delicious, school cooked meals.  Children in Reception and KS1 will continue to receive a free meal as will children who are entitled to free school meals in KS2.

    You can pay via Parent Pay. Please click here to login.

    If you are on certain benefits you may be able to claim for free school meals.

    Click here to check if you are eligible.

    Application for Free School Meals.pdf

    Click here to be directed to an e-form to apply for free school meals.

  • Parent Pay

    Please set up your account so that it alerts you with a text message when your balance is low.  

    Log in to: 

    • ParentPay Home Page
    •  Home
    •  View/Edit profile
    •  Alert Settings

    On this page you can set up alerts either by text or email to let you know that your balance is low. 

    Remember to press SAVE at the very bottom of the page to save your altered settings. 

    Please click here to be directed to the Parent Pay webpage where you can activate your account and view other useful information/guidance - thank you.

  • Taylor Shaw Catering Company

    Taylor Shaw’s menus are designed to be child friendly, as well as compliant with the Government’s school food standards. We use high quality, healthy and nutritious ingredients, prepared fresh on site, on the day of consumption, by suitably trained and child focused employees.

    At the heart of our service lies a menu that contains the correct balance of food and nutrients across the week, in order to encourage children to learn, love food, play and grow.

    Medical Diets and Allergies

    If your child has a specific dietary need for a medical reason, we will work with you to create a menu to meet the needs of your child. We follow a Medical Diet Procedure to ensure your child can safely eat with us. If you would like your child to have a school meal, we would need to see a medical certificate from your child’s consultant. We can then proceed with creating a suitable menu. Please ask your school for the Medical Diet Request form.

    Once you have completed it please return to the school along with the Medical evidence, please ensure all details are correct and it has been signed. This will then be passed onto the Taylor Shaw team who will then create a safe menu for your child and implement as soon as possible.


    If you would like to comment on our meals or provide feedback on our service, please email jody.munn@taylorshaw.com

    Click here to be directed to an e-form to apply for free school meals.

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