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**Y4 EASTER WEEK 1 ACTIVITIES ARE NOW ON-see below!**we are now closed until further notice **

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Dear families,

We hope you've had a reading-filled week?! We've spent a lot of this week dancing around our sitting rooms, practising Qi Gong, singing 'Children of the Future' and playing Times Tables League with our family members. Have you tried any of those yet? Mr Baines had a fun afternoon trying on all of his hats in front of the mirror. Miss Brunt has been grateful for her cat's company. What are you grateful for today?

Thank you for completing lots of tasks - we love it when you email the school your learning. 

Keep washing your hands and keep safe indoors, Griffins.

Mr Baines, Miss Mimi, Miss Pinkney and Miss Brunt

  • Geography
    • Use maps to locate the position and geographical features of particular localities, especially in Northern America and Northern Ireland.
    • Use geographical terms in relation to Northern America and Northern Ireland.

  • statutory SPELLING LISTS

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