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**Wednesday November 20th and Thursday November 21st Parents’ Evenings**Christmas lunch & jumper day - Thursday 12th December**

IPC PROJECT FOR Autumn 2 - Temples, tombs and treasure

  • Entry & exit points

    Entry Point:Trip to the British Museum on Monday 4thNovember

    Exit Point:Please come to school to see your child’s learning and enjoy another phenomenal quiz!  Wednesday 18thDecember 2pm. This will also be our The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Exit Point. Please help your child come to school as their favourite character – DO NOT BUY ANYTHING! Your child will know more about this in the next week!

    Trip: In addition to the above, we will go to the cinema on Friday 8thNovember. Thank you for returning your slip already!

  • History



    We will know about:

    • rivers and why they were important to 
    • ancient civilisations – comparing the Nile to  the Thames
    • daily life in Ancient Egypt
    • Egyptian hieroglyphics and will try to write using them
    • the different rulers of Egypt
    • Ancient Egyptian religion and burials – how do they compare with the UK?
    • the treasures discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb – how? why?
  • International

    We will be able to

    • the similarities and differences between the Nile and the Thames – modern day and in the past
  • Society

    We will able to:

    • compare society in ancient Egypt with
    •  modern Egypt and modern Britain
  • Art

    We will able to:

    • plan and create tomb wall paintings
    • make an Ancient Egyptian headdress
  • maths

    This term is all about adding and subtracting! As well, of course, as times tables. Let’s see if we ALL know ALL times tables up to 12 x 12 by Christmas? Keep practising! We practise everyday in school and need you to do this at home too.

    By Christmas, children will be able to add and subtract mentally and with written methods up to four digits. You can help with this too – why not use money or shopping receipts?

    If your child can’t tell the time yet, this is a great thing to work on at home. Thank you!

    Please help your child to know all of the times tables facts up to 12 x 12 and their related division facts. This is incredibly important – there is a compulsory Year 4 National Times Tables Test next June.

  • English

    We will be using The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to write letters, character descriptions and stories. We will continue focusing on correct punctuation, rehearsing sentences before writing them, editing writing by reading outloud.                                                                                          

  • statutory SPELLING LISTS

  • PE

    P.E is on:

    • Wednesdays for both classes
    • Thursdays
    1. Remember to have your P.E kits in for both these days (including plimsoles). School PE uniform is black shorts (or tracksuit bottoms) with a white t-shirt. PE kits should be in school at all times. 
    2. Make sure you have leggings or tracksuit bottoms as we will be outside for P.E unless it is raining
    3. School PE uniform is black shorts (or tracksuit bottoms) with a white t-shirt and plain black trainers - NOT your school shoes!).

    Children will also need footwear for PE that is suitable for outdoors and kept in school at all times.

    N.B Trainers are to be different than their normal school shoes.

  • important dates

Home Learning

Home learning tasks are set every week :

Task: Given out: Due Back:
Mathletics Thursday Tuesday
Spelling Book Thursday Tuesday


  •  To read for at least a minimum of 10 minutes every day and record what you have read in your reading journal. 
  • Practice your times tables and spellings
  • Fill in your reading diaries and have a grown-up check and sign them.

 Project Home learning: 



Music Thursday mornings.

It is very important that the children take their instruments home and practice in order to keep up with the lessons. They should be brought into school every Thursday.

Messages from the Staff

To help develop Green Dragon’s knowledge of Geography, and International Mindedness, each year group will learn about a different country in the world every half term.

We will call the United Kingdom ‘our here country’ and one other will be ‘our there country’.

Year 4 will start with learning more about Chile and South America. We will look at the adapted living things from the San Pedro de Atacama desert (cacti and aloe for example), the living things from the Andes (condor for example) and living things from the general Chilean environments (salmon, puma, rhea for example).

If you have any items from Chile, please do let us know!

If anyone would like to come into class for a regular session to hear children read, then please let us know.

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