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SUMMER 1 IPC PROJECT: Temples, Tombs and Treasures.


    We will know about:

    • Rivers and why they were important to ancient civilisations
    • Daily life in ancient Egypt
    • The different rulers of Egypt
    • Ancient Egyptian religion and burials
    • The treasures discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb
    • Ancient Sumer

    We will be able to:

    • Egyptian hieroglyphics and will try to write using them
    • Create mind maps
    • Order events chronologically
    • Compare different periods of History
  • In International:

    We will be able to

    • Plan an Ancient Egyptian celebration to share with friends
  • In ART:

    We will able to:

    • Enlarge Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings
    • Make and decorate canopic jars using clay

    Entry Point:

    w.c Monday 16th April 2018

    We will all become archaeologists and tomb raiders exploring hidden treasures!

    Exit Point-Trips:

    British Museum to see the mummies and ancient artefacts.

    Wednesday 23rd May 2018

  • In maths

    We will be able to:

    • Mentally calculate percentages of amounts.
    • Use a pair of compasses, ruler, and protractor to draw triangles.

    We will know:

    • How to find fractions of amounts.

    Remember to continue helping your child with times tables – they need to know all multiplications up to 12 x 12 and the corresponding division facts by July!

  • In English

    We will be exploring narrative and other genres of writing through the book - Leon and the Space Between.  We will continue to improve our SPaG knowledge, skills and understanding, in particular: descriptive writing, fronted adverbials and conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and using speech correctly…and so much more!

  • important dates:
    • Friday 8th June- Whole school mufti day for the Summer and Eid Fair - Pay a pound or bring an unwanted gift, something you would wish to win yourself. Thank you! (Summer and Eid Fair is on 6th July.)
    • Tuesday 12thJune - Green Dragon Friends (PTA) will be meeting in the studio at 3.15pm on Tuesday 12th June to plan and prepare for the Summer and Eid Fair. Everyone is invited – even if you are not currently a member of the GDF. It’s a great way to meet other parents / carers. Children welcome too. Thank you!
    • Tuesday 3rdJuly – Y4Mosque visit (part of the RE Curriculum)
    • Friday 6th July - GDF Summer and Eid Fair
    • Friday 13th July - Years 1-3 / Years 4-6 Sports’ Day
    • Monday 16th July - Parents’ evening 3:30 – 5:00
    • Tuesday 17th July - Meet the new teacher 3:30 – 5:00
    • Thursday 19th July - Year 6 Leaver’s Show
    • Friday 20th July - Last day of term, break up 2:00 pm

Home Learning

Home learning tasks are set every week :

Task: Given out: Due Back:
Mathletics Thursday Tuesday
Spelling Book Thursday Tuesday
Reading Passport Ongoing


  •  To read for at least a minimum of 10 minutes every day and record what you have read in your reading journal. 
  • Practice your times tables and spellings
  • Fill in your reading diaries and have a grown-up check and sign them.

Dates of Project Homelearning:

  • We will be giving out home learning on w/c 16th April – to research the pyramids of Egypt. This will be due in on Friday 4th May.

  • The second home learning will be set w/c 7th May and will be due in on Friday 18th May. This will be to create a fact-file or poster or leaflet on a chosen God or Ancient Egyptian ruler.

Things to remember

P.E is on Thursdays

  • Remember to have your P.E kits in for both these days (including plimsoles).
  • Make sure you have leggings or tracksuit bottoms as we will be outside for P.E unless it is raining


Music Thursday mornings.

It is very important that the children take their instruments home and practice in order to keep up with the lessons. They should be brought into school every Thursday.

Messages from the Staff

If anyone would like to come into class for a regular session to hear children read, then please let us know.

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